Integrated fragment-based drug design to unlock disease targets

Find out how Domainex can help accelerate your drug discovery programme with our rapid, cost effective fragment screening platform, FragmentBuilder
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What is FragmentBuilder ?

FragmentBuilder is Domainex’s Fragment-Based Drug Design (FBDD) platform that enables you to rapidly identify hits against your target and develop these into tractable leads with the desired functional activity.

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Introduction to FragmentBuilder

Domainex has created FragmentBuilder, a unique, integrated platform for the rapid and efficient screening of its diverse fragment collection, augmented with sp3-rich fragments from SpiroChem. Screening technologies available at Domainex include Microscale Thermophoresis (MST).

Starting from a target gene, Domainex deploys its expertise in Protein Science, Assay Biology and Medicinal Chemistry from its facilities near Cambridge, UK to discover tractable, patentable leads cost-effectively.

Along with tractable leads having the right biological and physicochemical properties for further optimisation, Domainex routinely generates high resolution crystal structures of fragments bound to target proteins to guide the generation of potent analogues.

FACE (Fragment Analogues for Chemical Evaluation):

-200,000 commercially-available compounds that meet our fragment criteria.

NICE (Number of Interesting Chemical Entities):

-2 million lead-like commercially-available compounds.